Monday, 22 July 2013

Tips for a stress free wedding

You have stacks of bridal magazines by your bedside. You have tasted every flavour of wedding cake known to man. Your ears hurt from listening to "advice" from family and friends. Who said planning a wedding was easy?

But it need not be all doom and gloom. Planning a wedding should be an exciting time, and by following these tips, you will have a stress-free run up to your perfect day.

  1. Don't over complicate yourselves with countless visits and meetings with suppliers. Make a list on
    what is important for you for each supplier category and meet/visit the relevant suppliers following this list.
  2. If the hotel has a package deal but there are extras included that you don't want, let them know and ask for a discount. Venues should be flexible with there packages and menus, so choose a menu that you want exactly and don't feel under pressure to accept "black and white" packages and their prices.
  3. Look out for venues offering "All-Inclusive" wedding packages. These normally include the venue's wedding package as well as a number of recommended wedding suppliers like photographers, cake companies, florists etc at an all-in price. These packages are ideal for couples who are open to suggestions on all suppliers.
  4. Try not to get bogged down by pleasing everyone. Smile, nod and say "thanks, we will definitely think about that". Then just do what you wanted anyway. Always go with your first choice as this is your day.
  5. Organise a wedding folder, keeping lists of deposits paid, meeting arrangements etc. Try and organise the key items well in advance so you can relax the lead up to the day.
  6. If photos are your thing, don't scrimp on the photographer. Ask to see previous work before booking and if possible, previous weddings he/she has done at your venue. There can be a huge difference in quality of photographers, and it is key to pick the right one.
  7. In the run up to your wedding, try and arrange nights off with your partner where you don't talk/think about the wedding. Time to yourselves can be key to avoiding stress.
  8. Don't stress yourself out by reading stories of weddings gone wrong or other horror tales from bridezillas on wedding forums. 
  9. Waiting for RSVPs can be a nightmare, so putting a stamped addressed envelope in the invitation can speed up the process.
  10. Take a moment alone with just the two of you on the day. After the main photographs are taken, both of you take yourselves off to the bridal suite and enjoy the 10 minutes of alone time.
  11. Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy your day. This is one of the most important times of your life, and enjoy the time spent around friends and family.
The Lucan Spa Hotel is one of Dublin's top wedding venues. It caters for Civil Ceremonies and wedding receptions throughout the year. To enquire about hosting your wedding at the hotel, please telephone our wedding coordinators at 01 628 0494 or email to book a viewing appointment.

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