Thursday, 22 January 2015

Irish UN Veterans Association Annual Dinner Dance

The Irish UN Veterans Association Annual Dinner Dance will be hosted at The Lucan Spa Hotel on Saturday 24th January 2015. This annual event will be attended by an estimated number of 130 veterans.

The Boyne Suite at The Lucan Spa Hotel.

The IUNVA was formed at a meeting in Dublin in February 1990, and the Association has the approval of the Minister of Defence, and is non-denominational, non-political and non-sectarian. Membership is available to any Irish resident who has successfully completed a tour of duty with a UN Force or Organisation, whether he or she is serving or retired. The Association is organised with a National Executive HQ and a number of "Posts" throughout the country.

The Lucan Spa Hotel has hosted a number of banquets for organisations and clubs over the last few years, and has been known to offer the highest value in terms of menus, decor and the stunning newly renovated Boyne Suite banqueting hall. We look forward to hosting the IUNVA this weekend and hope everyone attending the event has a successful evening.

If you are part of a club or organisation and wish to hold a fundraiser or banquet on their behalf, please do not hesitate to contact The Lucan Spa Hotel. We offer flexible menus to suit all requirements and budgets and guarantee a venue of fist class status to hold a successful event.

The Lucan Spa Hotel
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